The Cleanplant Project Experience

Each project is unique. From your property to your energy needs, we take every possible consideration into account before designing your clean energy system. The site visit is an important step in this process. Not only does it represent an opportunity for us to get to know the construction area better, it also allows us to begin planning for any special features you might like to request – for example, if you have aesthetic considerations, or if you want a battery solution or a diesel generator to ensure complete independence from grid outages. We examine your actual energy consumption and derive recommendations from our analysis (including on energy efficiency measures). This process of careful consideration takes place before the design phase and enables us to find the most appropriate and efficient solution.

We help you to define suitable areas for your clean power plant

On site measurements are taken

The design of our solar power systems is adapted to the roof type

In the design phase of your project, we build off information gathered during both the site visit and our personal consultations with you. System design and engineering are conducted in-house at our offices in Berlin, Germany. We emphasize attention to detail in order to deliver tailor-made systems of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. At the end of the design process, we present an aesthetically pleasing integration of your system.

Design of a solar-diesel hybrid system for an island resort

P.V. modules distributionP.V. modules distribution, with a total estimated power generation of 1040 kWp

System design of a 11 MWp utility scale plant

We offer highly efficient and long lasting clean energy systems. To deliver these standards, we work with international leaders in clean energy such as Schletter, SMA, REC Solar, Yingli Solar, and HOPPECKE. Their brands reflect our commitment to quality and help to ensure that your clean energy system runs hassle-free for many decades. We order, ensure component quality, and ship all components worldwide. Logistics is therefore a key competence for Cleanplant. The reliability of our transportation partners ensures that we can offer us on time and in good state deliveries anywhere.

Our team of experts and engineers works closely with local partners in order to complete the installation of your tailor-made solar power systems. Based on a professional assessment of the constitution of the available surface areas, we can offer both ground-mounted as well as roof-mounted systems. The solar panels will then be mounted on an exclusively designed sub-structure, optimal for the specific requirements of the installation. Our energy solutions are extremely robust, capable of withstanding wind speed of up to hurricane level, and further aesthetically integrate into their surrounding as well as their environment. In all projects we value a timely, effective and non-disruptive completion of construction works.

Installation of a German-made Schletter racking system

Racking made from aluminium and stainless steel for maximum durability

Minimum interference with your daily business during the construction phase

Our electricians connect the solar panels to the inverters and AC equipment – and, if desired, to battery banks and diesel gensets. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the proper functioning of the system. These safe and solid systems are backed by our high safety standards. Once the system is successfully connected, our employees and local partners facilitate the inspection and approval of the system by local authorities and any necessary maintenance work.

Modern energy meters for intelligent energy management

Connection work on the premises of a factoryConnection work on the premises of a factory

All components are resistant to extreme climate conditions

Our highly efficient systems fit your needs and reduce your electricity costs. Either the solar energy is fed into the local grid and you receive a financial compensation for the generated electricity (grid-connected system) or the solar energy is stored in a battery for your later use. The latter also enables the possibility of a fully off-grid system. For an off-grid system, a combination of a solar, wind, battery, and diesel generator technologies is possible (hybrid system). However, no matter which solar technology you opt for, your solar system will help you to save up to 75% of your electricity bills alongside an average payback period of 4 years.

Once our solar power system is installed, our clients save up to 90% of their electricity bills

Payback time of our solar power system is estimated to be only 4 years (in average). Free energy can then be produced for another 25+ years.

Roof-top system projected for the Berlin Energy Agency, a public operator of solar plants

Ground-mounted solar power system for a villa within a golf and polo community in Barbados

System on various roofs of an agricultural business with an electricity output of 400 MWh per year